Avocado Germination

About a year ago, I saw a post on Facebook describing a special device created to grow avocados from seeds. It was essentially a piece of plastic that floated on top of the water that also allowed the base of the seed to be submerged. In my opinion, it was another excuse to sell off a piece of plastic. I asked myself this question… isn’t it possible to just use what’s available to construct something similar? And a new project was set.

I found a plastic tray that once held cookies and cut off one of the segments. I then carefully cut a circular shape at the bottom to hold the avocado seed. This was then pressed into the opening of a glass jar and then filled with water. I was careful to notice the water levels to ensure that the bottom of the seed was constantly submerged in the water and would add water if too much had evaporated.a

After a couple of months, a root started to form until it reached the bottom of the glass jar. The original jar lacked depth and didn’t allow the root to grow further… which was also why a stem wasn’t forming as I was expecting. I then shifted the seed to another jar, and the root very quickly extended in length.


The seed in the new jar



Finally beginning to sprout after many, many weeks


It was also at this point that a stem has begun to sprout from the top of the seed. In another week or 2, this seed will be ready for some soil! Will post the progress in the future.