Suspension Struts Change… TBC


Today I had my second attempt at changing the front suspension shock absorbers and it’s something that has been well overdue. The first attempt was aborted since I needed to drive my son to an unexpected play date. But I made sure that today there would be no need to drive anywhere and get an early start so there would be more time available if needed.

Got the front of the car jacked up and placed on jack stands. Removed both the front tyres. Disconnected the anti-roll bar link from the strut and carefully released the brake hose. Removed the brake caliper mounting bracket and placed it on a stool.

And then I got stuck. I wasn’t able to take the next step since I didn’t have the tools available. It’s a problem I couldn’t see coming since my service manual only describes what I need to do and doesn’t tell me what tools are needed to do it.

After a phone conversation with my brother, I put the car back together. He’ll have some torx attachments for me later in the week… hopefully then I will be able to finish this job off.


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