The Beau Burger Revisited

IMG_7916Since my last burger post, I’ve played around with the recipe a little more. This time around, I added breadcrumbs to the mix. I was previously having issues with the patties breaking open and leaking out the butter inside. Last night, I was a lot more cautious to not disturb the outside of the patty, gently flipping the patty only when necessary. Usually, I would cook the bacon in the frying pan at the same time. But this time around, they were in a pan in the oven… as were the burger buns.

The buns were halved once toasted, a squirt of tomato sauce swirled onto the base and chopped pickles placed into the sauce. Then the patty (which had cheese melted onto it while cooking), followed by tomato slices. Then the bacon topped with BBQ sauce. A mayonnaise squirt was placed on the top half of the bun with the lettuce. As I was typing up this post, I realised this burger was missing a thin slice of onion in there… I’ll be sure to add that next time.

Although the patty itself is still not as “melt in your mouth” as I’m looking for, it was good.


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