Quick Fix: TV Remote button

IMG_7904Has your remote gotten to the point where Hulk strength is now needed to turn the TV on or off? That’s where our remote was at until today. I had previously cleaned the remote out not so long ago, so I knew the issue wasn’t due to a build up of dust or gunk from having an accidental spill. Something needed to be done about the contacts, in particular, the “power” button since it was the only problematic one.

Using a spudger or guitar pick, you can try to get in an unhook the plastic latches that hold the remote together. Once you’ve unhooked enough, it should pop open. The contacts in most remotes are composed of a composite of graphite and rubber. Using one of my son’s pencils, I gave the “power” contact a little refresh. Use a pencil with more B than H… I think this one is a 2B (but have no way of verifying it since my son sharpened off the label). Alternatively, you could cut off a small piece of aluminium foil and glue it to the problem contact.


After putting everything back together, the button was once again in working order!

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