The Saggy Drawer

The drawer third from the top in the kitchen had begun to feel quite stiff when opening and closing. After tolerating this for a period of time, I got around to pulling the whole thing out for an inspection. The wooden base of the drawer had become so warped, it now resembled a shallow bowl. The stiffness felt when pulling on the drawer was now the base of the drawer rubbing against the frame. The pressure also caused the chipboard to give way, and it was barely holding the base in place. Now that they were no longer useful, the worn edges of chipboard were pulled away and tossed.

IMG_7817.JPGThe solution I found on Google to mend the warp was to iron the base. I covered the base with a damp towel. My steam iron was set to it’s highest setting and filled with water to get the steam going. I then set about ironing the base flat, working from the edges to the centre. After about 30 minutes of ironing, the board had flattened out. It was then placed in an area to sufficiently dry with bricks to weigh it down.

IMG_7822My original idea for fixing the drawer was to use some scrap wood that I could find and nail it in place to act as a brace for the drawer. But since ironing out the wood seemed to take care of the issue, I just hammered it back in place. Previously, a drawer I had repaired simply popped out again due to the weight of whatever was in it. So this time around, I hammered the nails into the drawers at different angles. If any pressure were to cause the base to slip, the nails would keep it in place.

Admittedly, the third drawer did contain some of my more weightier utensils… like a meat tenderizer and rolling pin. But after repairing the drawer, I’m more confident now that it’ll hold…  until we decide to move at least.

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