The Pergola Predicament

Since moving into this rental late last year, it quickly became apparent that things were beginning to fall apart in the backyard. The sunshade had already begun to come away from the pergola leaving rusted nails littering the yard… a minor safety concern, but nothing that a bit of vigilance couldn’t handle. Then the storm hit…

Sometime in February a crazy storm hit Perth providing the city with an unexpectedly large amount of rainfall. Once the storm had passed, the condition of the pergola became a lot more difficult to ignore. The sunshade had completely blown over and was now ready to greet whoever would exit through the back door. The beams for the pergola had warped to the point where they completely left the nails that used to hold them in place. And most of the wood has aged and is wearing away. The whole thing really needs to be replaced by the landlord, but I have little faith that it would get done immediately… so armed with a hammer and a ladder I got to work.


All the nails were pulled out and the sunshade set to one side. The beams were turned upside down and set aside. To ensure that the sunshade was not going to come loose again, the beams were placed on top of the sunshade and everything was nailed back in place… using the original nails. After a day of work, the backyard now seemed less chaotic.

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