Mini Apple Pies


If you’ve been reading some of my past posts, you might begin to see a pattern when it comes to my cooking… Do things that are quick and easy. And that’s kind of how this got whipped together.

When cleaning out my fridge, I’d noticed a jar of “apple jam” (in quotes because it was jam according to the friend that created it… and although it was sweet, it better resembled chutney) had begun to form some mould at the top. After scooping away a larger than necessary portion to be rid of the mould, I had to decide on the spot what I would do with the remaining “jam”… and remembered there was still puff pastry in the freezer.

After removing a sheet of puff pastry and allowing it to thaw, it was cut into eight squares. I then pressed each square into a cup of a cupcake tray. The apple mix was then spooned into each cup and the pastry was then folded around it to form a pseudo-crust. The pies were then thrown in a pre-heated oven at ~200º for about 15 minutes.

Being the first attempt, I was prepared for failure but I was confident the puff pastry would work out as I hoped… and it did! When serving them up to Owen, a squirt of whipped cream was added on top.

In the future, I may create my own Apple Jam… stayed tuned!

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