Trash or Treasure? The TV


Sometime last week when taking out the bin, I found this out on the side of the road… A 32″ Sony LCD Plasma TV. “It must be broken” was my initial thought… but there’s another opinion that I have regarding many of those that live in my vicinity… “More money than brains”… and let’s be honest… in this day and age, there’s a lot of ignorant people about.

I let that thing sit there to get a good suntan for most of the day before I decided to bring it into my place in the afternoon. On initial inspection, I could see how this TV can lose value in the eyes of someone else. It is now considered to be old… analog signal… without a set-top box, you aren’t able to watch free-to-air TV on it (something you could easily pick up for around $20). It also did not have HDMI inputs… something most people in this day and age are using to connect their devices. Being a plasma, this set will also be a serious drain on electricity.

That’s the cons out of the way. On the upside, it has a VGA connection and PC audio input socket available as well as component inputs. I hooked up the PS3 with a component cable to test the picture… and was able to get 1080p resolution. TV worked fine and was able to link it with a universal remote controller that I had in my gadget stash.

My friend recently moved into a unit that had a TV… but turns out that particular TV wasn’t working properly. The Sony left on the side of the road was able to find a new home!

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