DIY Car Boot Fix

At some point last year, I started having a problem with my car boot…. It would occasionally fall on my head. My car is a 2001 Ford Ka… so it’s inevitable that there’d be bits and pieces that need to be replaced every once in a while. And now it was time for the gas struts holding the boot up to get replaced.

Buying a pair of gas struts retail for around $99AUD… but I don’t do retail. I managed to find the struts I wanted from eBay for $25.86AUD and would take about 3 weeks to deliver from the UK. I’m not usually in a hurry when making these kinds of purchases, so the order was put through and patience employed…. it took about 6 weeks to arrive in the end.

boot collage.jpg

Installation was quite simple. Brace the boot… I ended up using the interior shelving and a chopping board to keep it up. Using a flathead screwdriver, you prise out the clips holding the strut in place. I found that once the clips were removed, the strut could be pulled off quite easily. Refitting the new strut was just as simple… press it on and done.

Now… a helmet is no longer require to get the shopping bags out.

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