Don’t Throw It, Fix It! Step Stool


Sometime last year during my travels, I spotted a metal frame on the side of the road waiting to be collected by the garbage man. On closer inspection, I saw that it was what used to be a step ladder of some kind… it was just missing the top step. Not being the tallest of humans and often having difficulty reaching the tops of things, it seemed worthy of collecting.

To complete the missing piece, I ended up repurposing an unused wooden chopping board. Using some wood screws that were purchased from Kmart for $3, I simply screwed the chopping board to the frame with a screwdriver. Not difficult at all.


I often make use of storage in high places, so this gets used quite often. It serves as a decent stool as well. My mother recently noticed the stool and recognised the chopping board… it was her Jamie Oliver chopping board… apparently it’s worth a “lot of money”… which now makes this an expensive stool! (Her words… not mine)

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