Good Friday Spag Bol


Yes, it’s Good Friday… and we’re eating a meat dish. Now before you run off to gather your torches and pitchforks, please allow me a moment to explain…

One of my good friends is Heath. He is a vegetarian and a Christian. So abstaining from meat on a Good Friday is just another day for him. He feels that since this is the day in which Christ sacrificed himself, it’s up to him to make a sacrifice… so this is the one day in the year that Heath will eat a meat dish. I, on the other hand, am an atheist and will eat however I feel… so you can cast your judging eyes towards someone who actually gives a crap or two!

Since I’ve known Heath and knew of his annual sacrifice, I would always try to be present and spectate. I guess there’s always enjoyment in seeing one of your mates being slightly squeamish. I recall some time ago, joining him in a Xin Jiang restaurant and observing while he decided to order a leg of lamb adorned with spices thinking that was the right call. The look of him attempting to bite, chew and then swallow something that seemed foreign to him, but most likely also quite dry…. priceless.

This year, I decided to do right by my friend and actually cook something that wouldn’t just be edible… but delicious! I had attempted my own spaghetti sauce the week previous, but it really did not have that “oomph” that you would expect from a half-decent Italian-style sauce. So I hit the web in search of ideas and came across this recipe… Jamie’s Bolognese Sauce.

Since I was preparing the sauce the night before, I didn’t go by the method detailed in its specific order. 1 half of the mince came straight out of the freezer and needed time to defrost (which I just decided to do on the pan). Once it had defrosted, I added the rest of the mince and browned it all. I felt it wasn’t necessary to fry the vegetables since I decided to slow cook the sauce on low to medium-low heat for a few hours. I also only had half the carrots required but had some leftover mushrooms in the fridge.. which made for a nice addition.


It all turned out well in the end. Heath ate his bowl and gave compliments. He felt that infusing the meat with the tomato based sauce was a good way to disguise the taste of the meat…. Success! I’ll start thinking of what to serve up for the next year… any suggestions? Let me know!

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