Making Do: Storage Hooks

We are currently living in a 2 bedroom rental. Although the living and bedrooms are spacious, our current apartment does not have many practical places for storing things that you need easy access to. The “Laundry” room is particularly tight with little room for anything… so we had to make do!


Above the place for a washing machine is a bracket (I’m assuming) used for placing a clothes dryer… perfect! No need to get permission to drill holes from the landlord, when holes are already there! After a scan of the place, I discovered a small stash of “bits” under the laundry sink that has been stashed there for quick apartment “fix-ups”. It was in the stash that I found my answer… an unused hook rack. From there I loosened the bracket and was able to wedge the rack in between the bracket and the wall. A thick piece of cardboard was placed between the rack and the wall so there wouldn’t be a chance of losing bond money in the future. Once the nuts were retightened, some minor stress tests were done to ensure it’s stability… and it was good to go. The rack went up in the last quarter of last year, and they’re still going strong. And what puts a smile on my face… the spending of money wasn’t needed for this solution.

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