iPhone 4S battery change

Soon after my mate arrived in Australia, he was having problems with his 4S… it was no longer holding a charge. It was a second hand phone that was gifted to him, and had already been running for a few years.. So the obvious fix was to replace the battery. After a quick search on eBay, we found a suitable battery for $8.95 and waited about a week and a half for delivery.


To open the 4S, you need a Torx screwdriver… the end is shaped like a star. The 2 screws that need to be removed are located at the bottom of the phone.


Once the screws are off, you can easily slide the back panel of the phone off… and you instantly see the battery that needs replacing. Unscrew the connector for the battery (using a regular phillips head screwdriver) and remove the battery with a spudger. There’s actually a plastic pull tab that allows easy removal of the battery, but we accidentally ripped it off and had to use a spudger with a bit of leverage.


After a bit of tinkering, the new battery managed to settle into the phone. I then put the phone back together, and turned it on to test. We saw an apple 😉


New battery worked a treat, and was now holding a decent charge… even with 3G running 😀

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