Don’t Throw it, Fix it! Fried Fan

Towards the end of summer here in Perth, we had a few days that were a tad on the warm side. It was during this mild heat wave that my fan kicked the bucket. I had a smaller backup to keep us cool, but what becomes of the broken one? A solution for most in society these days would be… throw it out and “just buy a new one”… but my thoughts are usually on another wavelength.

But what were the symptoms? The fan was no longer spinning, no matter what speed setting it was set to. But when the fan was “on”, you could hear a faint buzzing sound. Using this information, I hit up google for a solution. The problem…


the capacitor needed replacing. After opening up the fan and finding the capacitor, I took down the model number and went hunting for a replacement on ebay.ebay.jpg

$1 for the capacitor. This repair is not going to break the bank but a bit of patience is needed. The part is coming from China which is going to take a month on average to deliver, but since we have a backup fan, it’s not a big deal.


Once the part arrived, I simply cut off the old capacitor and attached the new one.. using a wire stripper and twisting the wires together. Plugged it in and tested… the fan was running again. Then I covered up the exposed wiring with some electrical tape. Since the fan was already apart, I used this opportunity to give it a good clean… some dust had caked onto some of the fan blades. Then the fan was put back together.


Good to go, and ready for next summer.

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